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Documents of the English reformation 1526 - 1701

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Clarke, Cambridge, 2004
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Before the break with Rome (1526-1534); Tyndale's Preface to the New Testament (1526), 1534; Tyndale's Preface to the Pentateuch, 1530; Act for the Pardon of Clergy, 1531 (22 Henry VIII, c.20); The Supplication of the Commons, 1532; The Reply of the Ordinaries, 1532; The Submission of the Clergy, 1532; Act for the Conditional Restraint of Annates, 1532 (23 Henry VIII, c.20); Act in Restraint of Appeals, 1533; Act for the Submission of the Clergy and Restraint of Appeals, 1534; Act Restraining the Payment of Annates and Concerning the Election of Bishops, 1534; The Ecclesiastical Licenses Act, 1534; The Abjuration of Papal Supremacy by the Clergy, 1534; The Henrecian reformation (1534-1547); The Act of Supremacy, 1534; The Suffragan Bishops Act, 1534; The Wittenberg Articles, 1536; The Ten Articles, 1536; The First Henrician Injunctions, 1536; The Second Henrician Injunctions, 1538; The Thirteen Articles, with Three Additional Articles, 1538; The Act of the Six Articles, 1539; Cranmer's Preface to the Great Bible, 1540; Cranmer's reformation: The reign of Edward VI (1547-1553); The Edwardian Injunctions, 1547; The Sacrament Act, 1547; The Election of Bishops Act, 1547; The Act of Uniformity, 1549; The Preface to the Book of Common Prayer, 1549; The Preface to the Ordinal, 1549; Act to take away all Positive Laws against the Marriage of Priests, 1549; The Act of Uniformity, 1552; The Forty-two Articles, 1553; The Thirty-eight Articles, 1563; The Thirty-nine Articles, 1571; Reaction and Recovery (1553-1559); The Marian Injunctions, 1554; The Act of Supremacy, 1559; The Act of Uniformity, 1559; The Elizabethan Injunctions, 1559; The Eleven Articles, 1559; The Progress of Protestantism (1560-1625); The Preface to the Geneva Bible, 1560; The Preface to the Rheims New Testament, 1582; Archbishop Whitgift's Articles, 1583; The Lambeth Articles, 1595; The Preface to the Douay Old Testament, 1609; The Preface to the Authorized (King James) Version, 1611; The Irish Articles, 1615; The Canons of the Synod of Dort, 1619; The Protestant schism and the final settlement (1625-1701); The King's Declaration, 1628; The Solemn League and Covenant, 1643; The Westminster Confession of Faith, 1647; The Savoy Declaration, 1658; The Declaration of Breda, 1660; The Act of Uniformity, 1662; The Preface to the Book of Common Prayer, 1662; The Test Act, 1673; The Toleration Act, 1689; The Second London (Baptist) Confession of Faith, 1689; The Act of Settlement, 1701; Supplementary texts; The First and Second Statutes of Provisors, 1351 and 1390; The First Statute of Praemunire, 1353; The Second Statute of Praemunire, 1393; The Augsburg Confession, 1530. Appendixes; Sovereigns of England (1485-1714) and Archbishops of Canterbury (1486-1715); Sovereigns by Regnal Years; Popes 1484-1721; Dates of Easter and Moveable Feasts 1485-1715; From the Augsburg Confession to the 39 Articles: A Comparative Table; From the 39 Articles to the Westminster Confession: A Comparative Table; The Westminster Confession and the 39 Articles directly compared; The Westminster Confession and its Offspring compared.
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