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The History of Allelopathy

eBook, English, 2007
Springer, Dordrecht, 2007
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9781402040931, 9781402040924, 1402040938, 140204092X
Chapter 1. What is Allelopathy?1
Chapter 2. Allelopathy in the Classical World - Greece and Rome15
Chapter 3. Arabic Works39
Chapter 4. Ancient India, China and Japan53
Chapter 5. Mediaeval Period and Renaissance67
Chapter 6. The Eighteenth Century �� Root Excretion103
Chapter 7. Augustin Pyramus de Candolle, and His Era125
Chapter 8. The Decline of Allelopathy in the Latter Nineteenth Century159
Chapter 9. Spencer Pickering, and The Woburn Experimental Fruit Farm, 1894-1921195
Chapter 10. The USDA Bureau of Soils and Its Influence209
Chapter 11. Approaching the Modern Era251
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