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Carson's army: The Ulster Volunteer Force, 1910-22

The first academic study of the Ulster Volunteer Force, a paramilitary organisation, which was formed in 1913 by Ulster Unionists opposed to the Third Home Rule Bill. The Ulster Volunteer Force provided the basis of the 36th (Ulster) Division formed in 1914 and was reactivated in 1920 to counter the I.R.A. threat to the new Northern Ireland state. -- .
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List of tablesAcknowledgementsList of abbreviationsMapIntroductionChapter 1: The Origins of Ulster Unionist militancy, 1885-1913 Chapter 2: ‘An armed democracy’? The social composition and ideological basis of the UVFChapter 3: Command, control and military efficience Chapter 4: Parades and propaganda: The public face of the UVFChapter 5: Arms, equipment and finance Chapter 6: War and decline, 1914-1919 Chapter 7: The revival and demise of the UVF, 1920-22ConclusionBibliography -- .