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Origins of genius : Darwinian perspectives on creativity

Dean Keith Simonton (Author)
How can we account for the sudden appearance of such dazzling artists and scientists as Mozart, Shakespeare, Darwin, or Einstein? How can we define such genius? What conditions or personality traits seem to produce exceptionally creative people? Is the association between genius and madness really just a myth? These and many other questions are brilliantly illuminated in The Origins of Genius. Dean Simonton convincingly argues that creativity can best be understood as a Darwinian process of variation and selection. Theartist or scientist generates a wealth of ideas, and then subjects these id
eBook, English, 1999
Oxford University Press, New York, 1999
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Preface; 1. GENIUS AND DARWIN: The Surprising Connections; 2. COGNITION: How Does the Brain Create?; 3. VARIATION: Is Genius Brilliant
or Mad?; 4. DEVELOPMENT: Are Geniuses Born
or Made?; 5. PRODUCTS: By What Works Shall We Know Them?; 6. GROUPS: The Right Place and the Right Time?; 7.DARWINIAN GENIUS: The Future of an Idea; Notes; References; Index