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Adjunct professors guide to success : Suverviving and thriving in the college classroom

'The Adjunct Professor's Guide to Success' provides guidance in pursuit of an initial teaching assignment, addresses the issues which will be faced - becoming oriented to the institution, planning the course, conducting an effective first class meeting, etc. The book concludes techniques for building a part-time career in academe.
Print Book, English, 1999
Allyn & Bacon, Estados Unidos de América, 1999
202 pages ; 23 cm
9780205287741, 0205287743
Foreword. Preface. 1.So You've Decided to Pursue Part-Time College Teaching. The Changing Environment of Higher Education.Background and Motivation of Adjunct Professors.The Discipline Leader's Perspective.2.Obtaining an Adjunct Teaching Position. The Discipline Leader's Decision-Making Strategy.Preparing for the Interview.During the Interview.Following Up the Interview.3.A Self-Directed Orientation Program. Getting Focused.Human Resource Issues.General Logistical Information.Services to Support Your Teaching.Resources for Developing Your Teaching Skills.4.Today's Undergraduate Students. The Big Picture.Traditional Students.Nontraditional Students.Emerging Influences.Dealing Positively with Common Problem Situations.Learning Styles.What Students Want from College Instructors.5.Planning Your Course. Designing an Effective Course.Identifying Possible Instructional Resources.Developing Your Syllabus.Planning Your Course Strategy.6.Conducting an Effective First Class Meeting. Create a Positive First Impression.Introduce Yourself Effectively.Clarify the Class Goals and Expectations.Conduct an Activity That Introduces Students to Each Other.Learn Students' Names.Whet Student's Appetite for the Course Material.Reassure Students of the Value of the Course.7.Managing the Course Environment. Organizing Your Course Materials.Managing Your Course Plan.Interpersonal Communications with Students.Managing Class Time Effectively.Retention of Students.Professional Practices.Surviving When You're Not Prepared for Class.8.Instructor-Directed Learning Methods. Today's Teaching and Learning Paradigm.Creating a Positive Learning Environment.Techniques of Effective Teaching Presentations.Video Presentations.Guest Speakers.9.Student-Directed Learning Methods. The Contemporary View.Orchestrating Effective Classroom Discussions.Cooperative Learning.Role Playing.Experiential Learning.Distance (or “Distributed”) Learning.Field Work.Student Presentations.10.Developing, Administering, and Analyzing Exams. Examination Development Strategy.Qualities of an Effective Examination.Developing Objective Test Items.Effective Essay Test Questions.Facilitating Student Success.Administering the Examination.Dealing Proactively with Student Cheating.Scoring Objective Examinations.Reviewing Results of Exams with Students.11.Alternative Assessment. Planning for Alternative Assessment in Your Course.Options for Alternative Assessment.Evaluating Alternative Assessment Activities.Dealing with Plagiarism.12.Bringing the Course to an Effective Conclusion. Dealing Proactively with a Loss of Momentum.The Challenge of Determining Grades.Conducting Effective Closing Class Meeting.Submitting End of Term Reports.13.Evaluating Your Teaching. Conducting Informal Student Evaluations.Arranging Informal Evaluations by Colleagues.Formal Student Ratings.Formal Observation/Evaluation by Instructional Leader.Self-Evaluation of Your Teaching.14.Building Your Part-Time Teaching Career. Revisiting Your Goals.Developing Yourself as a Teacher.Building Your Following among Students.Developing Your Relationship with the Instructional Leader.Cross-Fertilization with Your Full-Time Career.The Future of the Adjunct Professorship.Maximizing Your Long-Term Options.References. Index.
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