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A Broad Place : an autobiography

Jürgen Moltmann (Author), Margaret Kohl (Translator)
Review: "Among the most acclaimed and accomplished theologians of the last hundred years, Jurgen Moltmann is also one of the most popular. His autobiography will certainly be widely read in the churches and the academy and will shed light on the intellectual development of this enormously influential theologian. Ironies abound in this engrossing story: An early life in a nonreligious home led to a lifetime preoccupation with God. Intense experience of death all around him in World War II yielded to a marvelous experience of gratitude and joy in life that are so characteristic of Moltmann. And being steeped in traditional German theology led to a pioneering role in political theology, ecological theology, feminist and Jewish-Christian dialogue, and - above all in the power of future hope to reframe the present."
Print Book, English, 2007
SCM Press, London, 2007
viii, 406 pages, [32] pages of plates : illustrations
9780334041276, 0334041279
Theology of hope
Political theology
In the sign of the cross to new trinitarian thinking
Uncompleted completions : the challenge of a lifetime
In the end : the beginning
Originaltitel: Weiter Raum (English)
Translated from the German