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Against the Vietnam War : writings by activists

The protest movement in opposition to the Vietnam War was a complex amalgam of political, social, economic, and cultural motivations, factors, and events. This work brings together the different facets of that movement and its various shades of opinion. It includes essays by Noam Chomsky, Staughton Lynd, Martin Luther King, among others.
Print Book, English, 2007
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, 2007
xxxiii, 289 pages ; 23 cm
9780742559141, 0742559149
Foreword: Vietnam and IraqIntroductionPart I: BeginningsChapter 1: The Need to RememberChapter 2: The Impossible Victory:VietnamPart II: The War at HomeChapter 3: From Ha Ha McNamaraChapter 4: My VietnamChapter 5: Burning Illusions:The Napalm CampaignChapter 6: The Responsibility of IntellectualsChapter 7: Declaration of Independence from the War in VietnamChapter 8: Why I Joined the ResistanceChapter 9: A Time to Say NoChapter 10: PoemsChapter 11: Chicago 1968: Street-Fighten' ManChapter 12: From the Suburbs to SaigonChapter 13: Vietnam Comes to Lexington: Memorial Day 1971Part III: Soldiers against the WarChapter 14: What Did You Do In the Class War, Daddy?Chapter 15: War Memorial: Staying Close to a Buddy Twenty-five Years after His DeathChapter 16: American War Crimes and Vietnam VeteransChapter 17: The War against the WarPart IV: ConsequencesChapter 18: Consequences of the Vietnam War and Government Policies of the SeventiesChapter 19: Passing It On: The Movement for Teaching the Vietnam War in SchoolsChapter 20: Visiting VietnamChapter 21: Chicago 1996: Despite Corporate Media Silence Many Powerful ProtestsPart V: ConclusionsChapter 22: What I Got Out of the WarChapter 23: Cherishing Vistas, Embracing Human Beings: Toward Peace and FreedomChapter 24: Deja Vu All Over Again
"1st Rowman & Littlefield ed."
"A new foreword by Staughton Lynd considers the events of the Vietnam War in the context of the present war in Iraq."--Back cover
Originally pub.: Syracuse, NY : Syracuse University Press, 1999