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The causes of war

Based on a survey of international wars fought since 1700 and updated in this edition to include the nuclear era, this work examines the causes of war, arguing that the causes of war and peace are closely related and emphasizing factors such as our understanding of why wars begin and end.
Print Book, English, 1988
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Palgrave Macmillan, London, 1988
xii, 325 Seiten
9780333462157, 9780333462140, 0333462157, 0333462149
Part 1 The mystery of peace: the peace that passeth understanding; paradise is a bazaar. Part 2 The web of war: dreams and delusions of a coming war; while waterbirds fight; death-watch and scapegoat wars; war chests and pulse beats; a calendar of war; the abacus of power. Part 3 The elusive warmongers: war as an accident; aims and arms; a day that lives in infamy. Part 4 The varieties of war: vendetta of the Black Sea; long wars; and shorter wars; the mystery of wide wars; Australia's Pacific war; myths of the nuclear era. Conclusions: war, peace and neutrality.