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Living like Benjamin : making dreams come true

Brad Borden (Author)
"You can find your balance and the keys to success and enlightenment by implementing a plan of mind, body and spirit. Through the mastery of virtues we are ultimately able to master ourselves. This book provides a powerful framework that will liberate you to all the possibilities and magic of the world. [...] This is a guide to take hold of those virtues and shape the course of your life. Franklin, in his great genius, focused on 13 virtues. He would work each of those virtues for seven days. He would go through the cycle four times a year, starting anew every 13 weeks. The coded-cycles help make our dreams come true. Benjamin Franklin's contributions continue to have a huge impact on our world. It is time to return back to wholeness, prosperity and goodness. It is our duty. When we start to focus on living more virtuous lifestyles, the hope for our lives and humanity grows greatly. When we chart our course, we move with power and love."--Back cover
Print Book, English, 2007
AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN, 2007
ix, 220 pages
9781434349774, 1434349772
Includes facsimile of certificate awarding the Meritorious Service Medal to Captain Borden