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Handbook of Ugaritic Studies

Wilfred G. E. Watson (Editor), N. Wyatt (Editor)
eBook, English, 2015
SBL Press, Atlanta, 2015
1 online resource (xii, 892 pages) : illustrations, maps
9789004294103, 9004294104
General introduction / Wilfred Watson, Nicolas Wyatt
Ras Shamra, Minet el-Beida and Ras Ibn Hani : the material sources / Adrian Curtis
The syllabic Akkadian texts / Wilfred van Soldt
The alphabetic Ugaritic tablets / Wayne Pitard
The Hurrian and Hittite texts / Manfried Dietrich, Walter Mayer
The decipherment of Ugaritic / Kevin Cathcart
The Ugaritic script / Manfried Dietrich, Oswald Loretz
Ugaritic grammar / Josef Tropper
Ugaritic lexicography / Wilfred Watson
Ugaritic words in syllabic texts / John Huehnergard
Ugaritic prose / Meindert Dijkstra
Ugaritic poetry / Wilfred Watson
The mythological texts / John Gibson
The legend of Keret / Barugh Margalit
The story of Aqhat / Nicolas Wyatt
The Rpum texts / Wayne Pitard
The incantations / Klaas Spronk
The rituals / Paolo Merlo, Paolo Xella
The offering lists and the god lists / Gregorio del Olmo Lete
The omen texts / Paolo Xella
The Ugaritic letters / Jesús-Luis Cunchillos
The Akkadian letters / John Huenhergard
The legal texts from Ugarit / Ignacio Márquez Rowe
The economy of Ugarit / Michael Heltzer
The society of Ugarit / Juan-Pablo Vita
The onomastics of Ugarit / Richard Hess
The religion of Ugarit : an overview / NIcolas Wyatt
The iconography of Ugarit / Izak Cornelius
A political history of Ugarit / Itamar Singer
The current state of Ugaritic studies and technology / Theodore Lewis, Steven Wiggins
Storage and analysis of the texts / Jesús-Luis Cunchillos
Reproduction of the original Brill edition in 1999, with errata, additions to bibliography, and reviews