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International law reports. Volume 77

Decisions of international courts and arbitrators, as well as judgments of national courts, are fundamental elements of modern public international law. The International Law Reports is the only publication wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of such decisions. It is therefore an essential work of reference.
Print Book, English, 2001
Grotius Publications : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2001
lxiii, 726 pages : 1 folded map ; 23 cm
9780521464222, 0521464226
Table of cases reported; I. Decisions of International Tribunals: Guinea-Guinea Bisau Maritime Delimitation Case [Court of Arbitration constituted under an Agreement of 18 February 1983] (1985), Amministrazione delle Finanze dello Stato v. SPI and SAMI [Court of Justice of the European Communities] (1983), II. Decisions of the Municipal Courts: Land Sale to Alien Case [Austria] (1973), Re-application of Treaty Case [Austria] (1973), H v. Directorate of Security of the Province of Lower Austria [Austria] (1975), Re Distribution Law (Poland) [Austria] (1975), Association of South Moravian Depositors in Austria v. Raiffeisenkasse B [Austria] (1976), Land Sale to Alien Case [Austria] (1976), Re R. F. N. [Austria] (1977), Re Property Compensation Law (Italy) [Austria] (1978), Land Sale to Alien Case [Austria] (1979), N. K. v. Austria [Austria] (1979), Re D. K. [Austria] (1979), Habsburg-Lorraine v. Austria [Austria] (1980), Public Prosecutor v. Jean O [Austria] (1981), Embassy Interpreter Dismissal Case [Austria] (1985), Republic of 'A' Embassy Bank Account Case [Austria] (1986), Nemeth [Belgium] (1973), Ministère Public v. Desmedt and Boon [Belgium] (1974), Ministère Public v. Simon [Belgium] (1974), Ministère Public, Kessener and Pauwels v. Van den Abeele [Belgium] (1974), Sullivan [Belgium] (1974), Ministère Public and Bouchibat v. Chabir Jarmouni and Chouate [Belgium] (1975), Tijskens v Belgium [Belgium] (1975), ASBL Koninklijk Belgish Yachting Verbond and Others v. Province of Western Flanders [Belgium] (1976), Ministère Public and Republic of Mali v. Keita [Belgium] (1977), MS Caroline Oldendorff [Belgium] (1977), Sauvage et Cie v. Air India Corporation [Belgium] (1977), SS Hinrich Oldendorff [Belgium] (1977), SS St Marcos [Belgium] (1977), Lusnjani v. Belgium and Belgian Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [Belgium] (1978), Régie des Télégraphes et Téléphones v. Société pour la Coordination de la Production de l'Energie Electrique [Belgium] (1978), Pacific Employers Insurance Company v. Régie des Postes and Pan American Airways [Belgium] (1981), Castle John and Nederlandse Stichting Sirius v. NV Mabeco and NV Parfin [Belgium] (1981), Air India v. Wiggins [England] (1980), R v. Bow Street Magistrates, ex parte Mackeson [England] (1981), R v. Kelly [England] (1981), Earl of Lonsdale v. Attorney-General and Another [England] (1982), R v. Guildford Magistrates' Court ex parte Healy [England] (1982), United City Merchants (Investments) Ltd. and Glass Fibres and Equipments Ltd. v. Royal Bank of Canada [England] (1982), R v. Plymouth Justices and Another, ex parte Driver [England] (1985), Arab Banking Corporation v. International Tin Council and Algemene Bank Nederland and Others (Interveners) and Holco Trading Company Ltd. (Interveners) [England] (1986), Standard Chartered Bank v. International Tin Council and Others [England] (1986), In re International Tin Council [England] (1987), JH Rayner (Mincing Lane) Ltd. v. Department of Trade and Industry and Others [England] (1987), Maclaine Watson and Co. Ltd. v. International Tin Council [England] (1987), Maclaine Watson and Co. Ltd. v. International Tin Council (No 2) [England] (1987), Shearson Lehman Brothers Inc. and Another v. Maclaine Watson and Co. Ltd. and Another and International Tin Council (Intervener) (No. 2) [England] (1987), Ribeyro v. Massari [France] (1981), Radovic v. Najman [France] (1982), Caisse centrale de co-opération économique v. Société Midland International Service (France) and State of Senegal [France] (1988), Bonnet v. Chief Treasurer of Boulogne-Billancourt [France] (1984), International Institute of Refrigeration v. Elkaim [France] (1984), Islamic Republic of Iran and Others v. Société Eurodif and Others [France] (1984), Société Air Zaire v. Gauthier and Van Impe [France] (1984), Société Sonatrach v. Migeon [France]
"First published 1988, reprinted 2001."