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Poetic designs : an introduction to meters, verse forms and figures of speech

Adams provides a full treatment of tradition topics, from the iambic pentameter line through other accentual-syllabic rhythms and covering also other types of rhythm, stanza structure, the sonnet and other standard forms. He also includes a variety of other topics, including form in free verse, an extensive treatment of rhyme and literary figures.
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Acknowledgements1. Meter and RhythmTHE IMPORTANCE OF PROSODY / The Sound of Meter / Different Metrical Systems and Their Histories / The Meaning of Meter / THE ACCENTUAL-SYLLABIC SYSTEM / The Regular Iambic Pentamenter Line / Variation 1: The Reversal of Accent (Trochaic Substitution) / Variation 2: The Principle of Relative Accent (Spondaic and Pyrrhic Substitution) / Variation 3: Added Syllables (Anapestic and Dactylic Subsitution) / Variation 4: Omitted Syllables / SYNTACTIC RHYTHM AND THE LINE UNIT / Rhyme, Alliteration, Assonance and Onomatopoeia / Facility2. Beyond Iambic PentameterACCENTUAL METERS AND THE BALLAD STANZA / The Accentual Meters / THE LONGER AND SHORTER IAMBIC METERS / The Trochaic Meters / The Triple Meters: Anapestic and Dactylic / SYLLABIC AND QUANTITATIVE SYSTEMS3. Stanza and FormTHE DYNAMICS OF STANZA AND FORM: RHYME, LINE AND CLOSURE / Some Standard English Stanzas / Beyond the Single Stanza / Some Virtuoso Pieces / SOME STANDARD VERSE FORMS: FIXED AND NOT SO FIXED: The Sonnet / The French Forms / The Ode4. Figures of SpeechRHETORIC AND FIGURE / THE SCHEMES: Figures of Balance and Parallelism / Figures of Repetition / Figures of Amplification and Omission / Figures of Address / Figures of Syntactic Deviation / Figures of Verbal Play / THE TROPES / Metaphor and Simile / Metonymy and Synecdoche / Personification / Irony and Paradox5. Form in Free VerseLines: The Master Convention of Free Verse / Numbers: Metrical Presences in Free Verse / Figures: Syntactic Patterning in Free Verse / THE MARGINS OF GENRE: Shaped Poetry, Concrete Poetry, Sound Poetry / The Prose PoemAppendix 1: The Terminology of RhymingAppendix 2: Sample Scansions, with CommentaryIndex of SourcesIndex of Names and Terms
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