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Critical perspectives on the Internet

Greg Elmer
This critical reader of essays places the boom and bust years of the Internet in a broad cultural context. Exploring the world of HTML, Web browsers, cookies, online Net guides, portals and ISPs, this text includes the history of the Internet, case studies, and discussions of online community.
Print Book, English, ©2002
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Md., ©2002
xiii, 217 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780742511316, 9780742511323, 0742511316, 0742511324
Chapter 1 Preface: A Critical Primer for the Internet Part 2 Part I: Critical Introductions Chapter 3 Disorganizing the "New Technology" Chapter 4 A Critical History of the Internet Part 5 Part II: Net Architecture Chapter 6 The Case of Web Browser Cookies: Enabling/Disabling Convenience and Relevance on the Web Chapter 7 Surfing for Knowledge in the Information Society Part 8 Part III: Rethinking Net Communities Chapter 9 The Myth of the Unmarked Net Speaker Chapter 10 Digitizing and Globalizing Indigenous Voices: The Zapatista Movement Part 11 Part IV: Globalization and Governance Chapter 12 E-Capital and the Many-Headed Hydra Chapter 13 Convergence Policy: It's Not What You Dance, It's the Way You Dance It Chapter 14 Internet Globalization and the Political Economy of Infrastructure