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Understanding the Bible : a basic introduction to biblical interpretation

"Understanding the Bible is a learner-friendly overview of the major theories of biblical interpretation from ancient times to the present. Author George Montague surveys the major trends in the history of the discipline and carefully notes the contributions and the limitations of each period. He puts into coherent perspective the diverse and often contradictory interpretations of scripture, culminating with in-depth examinations of Dei Verbum of Vatican II and the Pontifical Biblical Commission's The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church." "Understanding the Bible is an invaluable resource for graduate and theology students, and for anyone interested in making sense of hermeneutics."--BOOK JACKET
eBook, English, ©1997
Paulist Press, New York, ©1997
Criticism, interpretation, etc
1 online resource (vi, 239 pages : illustrations)
The Bible interprets the Bible
The wealth of the Word: the Fathers interpret the Bible
Climbing the tower: the Middle Ages
The path of independence: the Reformation & the Enlightenment
The Bible & the church: the Catholic response
From text to subject to the hermeneutics of understanding
Later twentieth century developments: redaction, structuralism, deconstruction, ricoeur
Other hermeneutical methods: socio-cultural, rhetorical, narrative, reader response, advocacy
Bernard Lonergan: critical realist hermeneutics
Community & canon: the Bible in the church
A study of Dei Verbum: the constitution on Divine Revelation of Vatican II
A study guide to The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church (Pontifical Biblical Commission, 1993): Study questions Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library