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The essays of Francis Bacon

Print Book, English, 1908
C. Scribner's Sons, New York, 1908
3 preliminary leaves, iii-cii, 293, [1] pages 19 cm.
Of truth
Of death
Of unity in religion
Of revenge
Of adversity
Of simulation and dissimulation
Of parents and children
Of marriage and single life
Of envy
Of love
Of great place
Of boldness
Of goodness and goodness of nature
Of nobility
Of sedition and troubles
Of atheism
Of superstition
Of travel
Of empire
Of counsel
Of delays
Of cunning
Of wisdom for a man's self
Of innovations
Of dispatch
Of seeming wise
Of friendship
Of expense
Of the true greatness of kingdoms and estates
Of regiment of health
Of suspicion
Of discourse
Of plantations
Of riches
Of prophecies
Of ambition
Of masques and triumphs
Of nature in men
Of custom and education
Of fortune
Of usury
Of youth and age
Of beauty
Of deformity
Of building
Of gardens
Of negotiating
Of followers and friends
Of suitors
Of studies
Of faction
Of ceremonies and respects
Of praise
Of vain-glory
Of honour and reputation
Of judicature
Of anger
Of vicissitude of things