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The artist on the artist

Print Book, English, 2000
Elm Bank, Exeter, 2000
xv, 462 p. ; 23 cm.
9781902454108, 1902454103
Dedication (ix)Epigraphs (xi)Introduction (xiii)Prologue: The Craftsman (1)Chapter 1: The Interpreters (9)Chapter 2: From the Unnamed (41)Chapter 3: The Self as Subject (59)Chapter 4: Renaissance Writing (75)Chapter 5: Painting: Caravaggio to Rebrandt (111)Chapter 6: Formality to Subjectivism (123)Chapter 7: English Gothick to Keats (165)Chapter 8: The Legacies of Romanticism (181)Chapter 9: The First Modernists (265)Chapter 10: Questioning Reality (317)Chapter 11: Assessors of Reality (329)Chapter 12: Treating the Known and the Unknown (355)Chapter 13: Film and Drama (373)Chapter 14: Oriental Attitudes (381)Chapter 15: The East for the West (403)Epilogue (411)Appendix 1: Portraits of More Artists (414)Appendix 2: Relavant Works by Harry Guest (419)Bibliography (421)Notes (426)Index of Names (443)Index of Works (455)