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The prophetic tradition and radical rhetoric in America

At a time when social movements led by religious leaders, from Louis Farrakhan to Pat Buchanan, are playing a central role in American politics, the author connects this radical tradition with its prophetic roots.
Print Book, English, c1997
New York University Press, New York, c1997
xii, 279 p. ; 24 cm.
9780814718766, 0814718760
Radical rhetoric and American community : threnody for Sophrosyne
Old Testament prophecy as radical ursprach
Prophecy as sacred truth : self-evidence and righteousness in the American Revolution
Prophecy as krisis : Wendell Phillips and the sin of slavery
The prophet's call and his burden : the passion of Eugene V. Debs
The word in darkness
A vision of the apocalypse : Joe McCarthy's rhetoric of the fantastic
Prophecy as poetry : the romantic vision of Robert Welch
Secular argument and the language of commodity : gay liberation and merely civil rights
The seraph and the snake
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