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Building sisterhood : a feminist history of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The often forgotten role of Catholic sisters is told in experiences deeply rooted in self-realization and feminist methodology. In this collection of thirteen essays the contributors illuminate the little-known world of a very creative and committed community of women - their aspirations, their values, their mission. An often neglected part of feminist research, this type of sisterly collaboration affirms the seminal paradigms in women's work and writing. These essays deal with many of the same issues of power, economic autonomy, friendship, spirituality, socialization, professional commitment encountered in other feminist endeavors
Print Book, English, 1997
Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, N.Y., 1997
xxix, 392 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Foreword / Dorothy McDaniel
Introduction: Concentric Circles of Sisterhood / Margaret Susan Thompson
pt. 1. Groundings
The Context / Margaret Susan Thompson. 1. Dangerous Memory: Mother M. Theresa Maxis Duchemin and the Michigan Congregation of the Sisters, IHM / Marita-Constance Supan. 2. She Who Remained: Mother Mary Joseph Walker and the "Refounding" of the IHM Congregation / Suzanne Fleming. 3. "Not Two Exactly Alike": IHM Spirituality / Margaret Brennan
pt. 2. The IHM Life Cycle
The Context ̃/ Margaret Susan Thompson. 4. "The Roughest Kind of Prose": IHM Socialization, 1860-1960 / Mary Ann Hinsdale. 5. The Official IHM Stance on Friendship, 1845-1960 / Joan Glisky. 6. PFs: Persistent Friendships / Nancy Sylvester. 7. Emotional and Mental Illness in the IHM Congregation, 1845-1980 / Carol Quigley. 8. In Health and Sickness: IHM Health Care Delivery, 1845-1993 / Jane Shea
pt. 3. Authority, Leadership, and Governance
The Context / Margaret Susan Thompson