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Sources of the Self The Making of the Modern Identity

Charles Taylor (Author)
eBook, English, 1992
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1992
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9780674257047, 0674257049
Part I Identity and the Good
1. Inescapable Frameworks
2. The Self in Moral Space
3. Ethics of Inarticulacy
4. Moral Sources
Part II Inwardness
5. Moral Topography
6. Plato's Self-Mastery
7. "In Interiore Homine"
8. Descartes's Disengaged Reason
9. Locke's Punctual Self
10. Exploring "l'Humaine Condition"
11. Inner Nature
12. A Digression on Historical Explanation
Part III The Affirmation of Ordinary Life
13. "God Loveth Adverbs"
14. Rationalized Christianity 15. Moral Sentiments
16. The Providential Order
17. The Culture of Modernity
Part IV The Voice of Nature
18. Fractured Horizons
19. Radical Enlightenment
20. Nature as Source
21. The Expressivist Turn
Part V Subtler Languages
22. Our Victorian Contemporaries
23. Visions of the Post-Romantic Age
24. Epiphanies of Modernism
25. Conclusion: The Conflicts of Modernity
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