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Jesus, the divine physician : reflections on the Gospel during the year of Luke

eBook, English, ©2008
Ignatius Press, San Francisco, ©2008
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Advent and the Christmas season. A different Advent
Not just stories
What to do?
Two pregnant women
The Lord of history
God in everyday life
Jesus and Mary
In the beginning
Do the stars tell us?
Coming up again like new
Sundays in ordinary time. Do whatever he tells you
A reliable account
Stay with us!
Put out into the deep
Complete reversal of values
A man, in spite of everything
What if the heart is full of ..
Will he find faith among us?
Terminus: life
Love- different, for once
Who is he?
I have not regretted it
It is harvest time!
The Samaritan
Windows for vacation time
Teach us to pray!
You fool!
The treasure and the heart
Not with fire and sword
The narrow door
Do as God does!
Neglecting everything
Joy that is contagious
God and mammon
The poor man as a bridge
Increase our faith!
Have mercy!
The very troublesome widow
The man who is close and stands far off
What love can achieve
Not God of the dead
The end of the world
A king like no other
Lent and the Easter season. Temptation
Moments on the mountain
There is still time!
The prodigal son
Who throws the first stone?
The very stones speak out
An encounter on Easter morning
Close enough to touch
One hundred fifty-three large fish
They know his voice
What was important to Jesus
Where God dwells
An ascension- to where?
They are to be one
A new Pentecost
Feasts in the church year. A mission to shake the world
Give them something to eat
Take a breather instead of shopping
A blessed body
The countless host
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