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The Study of nonprofit enterprise : theories and approaches

Helmut K. Anheier (Editor), Avner Ben-Ner (Editor)
eBook, English, 2003
Springer Science Business Media, LLC, New York, NY, 2003
1 online resource (XVII, 331 pages).
9781461501312, 1461501318
I. Introduction
1 • The Theory of Nonprofit Organizations Revisited
2 • The Economics of the Third Sector: Toward a More Comprehensive Approach
II. The Major Theories
Public Good Theories
3 • Public Good Theories of the Nonprofit Sector: Weisbrod Revisited
4 • The Public Goods Theory Revisited: Comments on Kingma's Revisitation of Weisbrod
Trust-Related Theories
5 • Trust, Repute, and the Role of Nonprofit Enterprise
6 • The Role of Trust in Nonprofit Enterprise
Stakeholder Theories
7 • Stakeholder Theories of the Nonprofit Sector: One Cut at the Economic Literature
Entrepreneurship Theories
8 • Entrepreneurship in Nonprofit Organizations: Its Role in Theory and in the Real World Nonprofit Sector
9 • Entrepreneurs, Managers, and the Nonprofit Enterprise
Voluntary Failure and Institutional Theories
10 • Voluntary Failure Theory and Nonprofit-Government Partnership
11 • Voluntary Failure Theory Correctly Viewed
12 • State, Subject, Space: Silences in Institutionalist Theories of Nonprofit-Government Relations
Organizational Theory and Behavior
13 • The Behavior of Organizations
14 • Are Nonprofit Organizations Different?
III. Comparisons and Implications
15 • Dimensions of the Nonprofit Sector: A Comparative Perspectives of Structure and Change
16 • Economic Theories of Nonprofit Organizations: An Evaluation
17 • An Ecological Perspective on NonProfit Research