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Elements of geometry and trigonometry

A. M. Legendre, Charles Davies (Editor), David Brewster (Translator), A.S. Barnes & Co (Publisher), Collins, Keese & Co (Publisher), Cushing & Sons (Publisher), Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co (Publisher), Truman and Smith (Publisher), Wiley & Putnam (Publisher)
Print Book, English, 1838
Published by A.S. Barnes & Co ; Wiley & Putnam : Collins, Keese & Co. ; Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co ; Cushing & Sons ; Truman & Smith, Hartford, New-York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, 1838
297, 62 pages : diagrams, tables ; 21 cm
The principles
Ratios and proportions
The circle and the measurement of angles, problems relating to the first and third books
The proportions of figures and the measurements of areas, problems relating to the fourth book
Regular polygons and the measurement of the circle
Planes and solid angles
The three round bodies
Of spherical triangles and spherical polygons
The regular polyedrons
Division of the circumference
General ideas relating to the trigonometrical lines
Theorems and formulas relating to the sines, cosines, tangents, &c
Construction and description of the tables
Description of table of logarithms
Description of table of logarithmic sines
Principles for the solution of rectilineal triangles
Solution of rectilineal triangles by logarithms
Solution of right angled triangles
Solution of triangles in general
Spherical trigonometry: first principles, Napier's circular parts, solution of right angled spherical triangles by logarithms, quadrantal triangles, solution of oblique angled triangles by logarithms
Mensuration: mensuration of surfaces and solids
List of Davies' published mathematics titles - verso of title page
Preface to the American edition p. iii-iv
"An index showing the propositions of Legendre which correspond to the principal propositions of the first six books of Euclid," p. (7)
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