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The silent world of doctor and patient

Jay Katz (Author)
In this eye-opening look at the doctor-patient decision-making process, physician and law professor Jay Katz examines the time-honored belief in the virtue of silent care and patient compliance. Historically, the doctor-patient relationship has been based on a one-way trust -- despite recent judicial attempts to give patients a greater voice through the doctrine of informed consent. Katz criticizes doctors for encouraging patients to relinquish their autonomy, and demonstrates the detrimental effect their silence has on good patient care. Seeing a growing need in this age of medical science and sophisticated technology for more honest and complete communication between physician and patients, he advocates a new, informed dialogue that respects the rights and needs of both sides
Print Book, English, 2002
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Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2002
xlviii, 263 pages ; 23 cm
9780801857805, 0801857805
Foreword to the Johns Hopkins Edition: The Once and Future Silent World / Alexander Morgan Capron
Ch. I. Physicians and Patients: A History of Silence
Ch. II. Physicians and Citizens: The Struggle for Freedom from Lay Control
Ch. III. Judges, Physicians, and Patients: The Legal Doctrine of Informed Consent
Ch. IV. Sharing Authority: The Willingness to Trust
Ch. V. Respecting Autonomy: The Struggle over Rights and Capacities
Ch. VI. Respecting Autonomy: The Obligation for Conversation
Ch. VII. Acknowledging Uncertainty: The Confrontation of Knowledge and Ignorance
Ch. VIII. The Abandonment of Patients: A Final Argument against Silence
App. A. Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association (1847)
App. B. American Medical Association Principles of Medical Ethics (1980)
Originally published: New York : Free Press, 1984