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Church unique : how missional leaders cast vision, capture culture, and create movement

Mancini is an expert in the movement to make churches more missional: moving them from an internal focus to an emphasis on participating in the culture and their community. In this book, he outlines a new model to help churches articulate strategy and live into their visions
eBook, English, ©2008
Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA, ©2008
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Part I: Recasting vision
Unoriginal sin : neglecting uniqueness
The fall of strategic planning : obscuring the essence
The iniquity of church growth : caging the kingdom
Lost congregations : how churches adapt to the vision vacuum
Part II: Clarifying vision
The good news of clarity : why believe in vision today?
Clarity pre-evangelism : softening your heart for clarity
The alpha and omega of clarity : the ultimate source of vision
Hear the cloud of witnesses : learning from vision legacies
Discover your kingdom concept : how to ascertain vision
Take a closer look : navigating your discovery process
Part III: Articulating vision
See with new eyes : defining your vision frame
Carry the holy orders : mission as missional mandate
Feel the common heartbeat : values as missional motives
Show me the way : strategy as missional map
Talk the walk : measures as missional life marks
Frame the future : preparing for a vision lifestyle
Speak with new tongues : articulating vision proper
Part IV: Advancing vision
Wage war against the status quo : from articulation to traction
Meet long in the upper room : the secret of attunement
Transform the future : delivering vision daily
Parting thoughts
Resurrect your uniqueness : if you copy someone else's vision, who will accomplish yours?
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