Front cover image for The Meaning of Life : Insights of the World's Great Thinkers

The Meaning of Life : Insights of the World's Great Thinkers

William Gerber (Author)
The book aims to present the wisdom of sages, great thinkers, renowned writers, and philosophers, of many countries and time periods, in their own words, regarding life. The book also aims to place the numerous quotations from these sources in a structured organization, with introductory and explanatory comments and comparisons. Main Topics or Fields - See Organization or Principal Parts
eBook, English, 1994
BRILL, Leiden, 1994
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9789004463783, 9789051836912, 900446378X, 9051836910
Organization or Principal Parts
Part 1, The Deepest Questions About Life in General (whence came life? what is life? what is the nature of plants and animals? etc.); Part 2, The Deepest Questions About Human Life in Particular (what is unique about humanity? who am I and what am I? do humans have free will?); Part 3, The Deepest Questions About the Quality, Meaning, and Span of Our Lives (are we more like angels or like devils? what meaning if any do our lives have? how do we march from infancy to old age and death?); and Part 4, The Deepest Questions About Living in Society (what are the basic truths about sex, love, marriage, civilization, and religion?)
Special Features
An appendix shows the source of every quotation included in the book. An index of authors lists the quotations taken from each author