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Jesus' Appearances and Disappearances in Luke 24

van Tilborg (Author)
This volume gives an exegetical analysis of the post-resurrection stories in Luke 24 as narratives about Jesus' appearances and disappearances. In the book two different perspectives have been used. Part one is on the frontline of scientific discourse. The Lukan text is analyzed via a theoretical model -a model of mental imagination- which is derived from cognitive linguistics. Three analytical steps are taken: a deictic analysis, an analysis of the perspective and an analysis of the relationship between figure and ground. In part two the same text is studied from a sociological point of view: an analysis of the background of Jesus' death, his burial and his existence after death. What distinguishes this part of the study from most other exegetical studies is the attention to the reception of the texts within Hellenistic culture
eBook, English, 2000
BRILL, Leiden, 2000
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9789004497078, 9789004117570, 9004497072, 9004117571