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Refining our best resources : our children

Walter Curtis Lichfield (Author)
eBook, English, [2004], ©2003
Zulon Press, [Maitland, Florida], [2004], ©2003
1 online resource (xiv, 389 pages)
Section one : home and family. Positive parenting and family roles
The place of cleanliness
Stages of childhood and youth
Section two : The worship of one God and the role of clans, churches and synagogues in America. Contributions of Jewish, Native American and Christian cultures
The origins of over 400 Christian churches
Supportive separation of church and state
A God-fearing nation
The church : family relationships
Obedience to God : a principle of progress in Jesus Christ's gospel
Teaching reverence
The improper use of the principle of tolerance
Church and welfare for the needy
Section three : parental coalition actions to restore constitutional government to America. Identifying the parental coalition to restore our constitutionsal lifestyle
Coalition : key objectives and actions
Welfare and public eduction : key issues
Roles of teachers and students
Using classroom discipline and grading to teach fairness
"Most beneficial used as a Monday Evening Family Development Manual where parents read and discuss one or at the most, two chapters per week. If we fail to teach our children to restore our God inspired Constitution they will not enjoy the good life Heavenly Father intended"--Page [iii] Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library