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Archaeology, cultural property, and the military

From Lawrence of Arabia to the Monuments Men to the contributors within this volume, academic scholars have found themselves engaged in conflict areas, in topics involving conflict, and in unlikely partnerships with military professionals. Motives and methods have varied dramatically over the years, but the over-riding theme of this volume is stewardship. In each case, an author has encountered a situation where their expertise has offered the potential to help save archaeological properties, historical structures, and sacred places - or has documented the process. Drawing on major contributions from seven armed forces, amongst others, this book aims to set out the obligations to protect cultural heritage under international Conventions; provide a series of case studies of current military practice; and outline the current efforts to enhance this. Overall, it offers examples, anecdotes, and lessons learned that can be used for consideration in planning future efforts for global archaeological stewardship
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Heritage matters, 3, vol. 3
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Archaeology and the Military: an Introduction - Laurie W. RushThe Obligations Contained in International Treaties of Armed Forces to Protect Cultural Heritage in Times of Armed Conflict - Patty GerstenblithRescuing Europe's Cultural Heritage: The Role of the Allied Monuments Officers in World War II - Krysia SpirydowiczThe UK's Training and Awareness Programme - Julian RadcliffeUS Army Civil Affairs: Protecting Cultural Property, Past and Future - Corine WegenerCultural Property Protection in the Event of Armed Conflict: Deploying Military Experts or Can White Men Sing the Blues? - Joris KilaGood Training and Good Practice: Protection of the Cultural Heritage on the UK Defence Training Estate - Martin BrownIn-Theatre Soldier Training through Cultural Heritage Playing Cards: a US Department of Defense Example - James ZeidlerIn-Theatre Soldier Training through Cultural Heritage Playing Cards: a US Department of Defense Example - Laurie W. RushDealing the Heritage Hand: Establishing a United States Department of Defense Cultural Property Protection Program for Global Operations - Laurie W. RushTeaching Cultural Property Protection in the Middle East: the Central Command Historical Cultural Advisory Group and International Efforts - Laurie W. RushCultural Resources Data for Heritage Protection in Contingency Operations - Paul R GreenTime not on my side: Cultural Resource Management in Kirkuk, Iraq - Darrell C PinckneyUS Military Support of Cultural Heritage Awareness and Preservation in Post-Conflict Iraq - Diane C SiebrandtOperation Heritage - Hugo ClarkeCultural Property Protection in the Event of Armed Conflict - Austrian Experiences - Friedrich SchipperRole of the Swiss Armed Forces in the Protection of Cultural Property - Stephan ZellmeyerPreserving Global Heritage from Space in Times of War - Sarah ParcakAppendices: 1954 Hague Convention and its two Protocols
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