Front cover image for Striking back : the end of peace in cyberspace - and how to restore it

Striking back : the end of peace in cyberspace - and how to restore it

Lucas Kello (Author)
Faced with relentless technological aggression that imperils democracy, how can Western nations fight back? Before the cyber age, foreign interference in democratic politics played out in a comparatively narrow arena. The rapid expansion of cyberspace has radically altered this situation. The hacking activities of Russian military agents in the 2016 US presidential election and other major incidents demonstrate the sophisticated offensive strategies pursued by geopolitical adversaries. The West is winning the technology race--yet losing the larger contest over cybersecurity. Lucas Kello reveals the failures of present policy to prevent cyberattacks and other forms of technological aggression. Drawing upon case studies and interviews with decision-makers, he develops a bold new approach: a concentrated and coordinated response strategy that targets adversaries' interests and so recaptures the initiative. Striking Back provides an original solution to national security challenges in our era of intense technological rivalry
eBook, English, 2022
Yale University Press, New Haven, 2022