Front cover image for Ancient Methone, 2003-2013 : excavations by Matthaios Bessios, Athena Athanassiadou, and Konstantinos Noulas

Ancient Methone, 2003-2013 : excavations by Matthaios Bessios, Athena Athanassiadou, and Konstantinos Noulas

Sarah P. Morris (Editor), John K. Papadopoulos (Editor), Athena Athanassiadou (Contributor)
"Excavations at ancient Methone, a settlement with a crucial role in the economic and political history of Classical Greece as well as the prehistory of the north Aegean, uncovered remains from the Late Neolithic period through the fourth-century destruction by king Philip II of Macedon. This volume presents results of the project in selected artefacts, burials, and structures representing the chief phases of the city, in chronological order"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2023
The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, [Los Angeles, California], 2023
2 volumes (xxxvii, 1444 pages, 2 unnumbered pages) : illustrations (some color), color maps, plans ; 29 x 23 cm.
9781950446285, 195044628X
Introduction: The Ancient Methone Archaeological Project. John K. Papadopoulos and Sarah P. Morris (with contributions by Antonis Kotsonas) Chapter 1 Excavations at Methone (2003-2013). Matthaios Bessios, Athena Athanassiadou, and Konstantinos Noulas Chapter 2 Methone in Ancient Sources. Yannis Z. Tzifopoulos Chapter 3 At the Water's Edge. Samantha L. Martin-McAuliffe PART I. METHONE BEFORE ERETRIA: THE LATE NEOLITHIC THROUGH EARLY IRON AGE SETTLEMENT Chapter 4 The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Settlement and Pottery. Marianna Nikolaidou Chapter 5 The Middle and Late Bronze Age Pottery. Trevor Van Damme Chapter 6 The Late Bronze Age Cemetery. Sarah P. Morris, Sevi Triantaphyllou, and Vaso Papathanasiou (With Contributions by John K. Papadopoulos, Vanessa Muros, Brian Damiata, and John Southon) Chapter 7 The Early Iron Age Settlement and Pottery: An Overview. John K. Papadopoulos PART II. TRADE, INDUSTRY, AND LIFEWAYS IN EARLY IRON AGE METHONE: THE HYPOGEION Chapter 8 The Excavation of the Hypogeion. Matthaios Bessios Chapter 9 Catalogue of Select Pottery from the Hypogeion. Matthaios Bessios Chapter 10 Lifeways and Foodways in Iron Age Methone: A Perishable Material Culture Approach. Alexandra Livarda, Rena Veropoulidou, Anastasia Vasileiadou, and Llorenç Picornell-Gelabert Chapter 11 Inscriptions, Graffiti/Dipinti, and (Trade)Marks at Methone (ca. 700 B.C.). Yannis Z. Tzifopoulos Chapter 12 Why was Methone Colonized? Transport Amphoras and Greek Colonization between History and Archaeology. Antonis Kotsonas Chapter 13 Metallurgical Activity at Methone: The Evidence of the Stone Artifacts from the Hypogeion. Ioannis Manos and Ioannis Vlastaridis Chapter 14 Metallurgical Ceramics from the Hypogeion. Samuel Verdan Chapter 15 Metal Finds from the Hypogeion. John K. Papadopoulos Chapter 16 Clay Textile Tools from Methone: Spindlewhorls and Loomweights from the Hypogeion. Sarah P. Morris Chapter 17 Cut Sherd Disks from the Hypogeion. John K. Papadopoulos PART III. METHONE IN THE ARCHAIC AND CLASSICAL PERIODS Chapter 18 Building A on the East Hill of Ancient Methone. Samantha L. Martin-McAuliffe Chapter 19 a) Pottery Workshops of Ancient Methone. Matthaios Bessios b) Archaic Pottery from the Acropolis (West Hill) of Ancient Methone. Matthaios Bessios and Konstantinos Noulas Chapter 20 The Role of Methone in the Macedonian Timber Trade. Angelos Boufalis Chapter 21 Trade in the Archaic North Aegean: Transport Amphoras from the West Hill of Methone. Alexandra Kasseri Chapter 22 The East Greek Fine Pottery. John K. Papadopoulos Chapter 23 a) Selected Attic Black-Figure and Red-Figure Pottery from Methone. Seth Pevnick b) An Attic Red-Figure Cup by the Bonn Painter from Methone. Maria Tolia-Christakou Chapter 24 Terracotta Lamps. John K. Papadopoulos Chapter 25 Early Glass in Methone. Despina Ignatiadou (With a Contribution by Elissavet Dotsika, Petros Karalis, and Antonio Longinelli) Chapter 26 Metal Objects in Archaic and Classical Methone: Acropolis and its East Slope, the Agora, and the South Harbor Area. John K. Papadopoulos Chapter 27 Jewelry Molds from Methone from the Stamatios Tsakos Collection in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Styliana Galiniki Chapter 28 The Lead Sling-Bullets from Methone: Warfare (Un)inscribed. Angelos Boufalis, Androniki Oikonomaki, and Yannis Z. Tzifopoulos Chapter 29 The Ancient Agora of Methone: Pottery from the Destruction Layer. Athena Athanassiadou
Illustrations on lining papers