Front cover image for Cornered The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction

Cornered The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction

eBook, English, 2009
Turner Publishing Company, La Vergne, 2009
1 online resource (320 p.)
9780470557037, 0470557036
Title Page
Copyright Page
The Missing Force
The Next Crash
The Makers of Things
Chapter 1
The Hidden Monopolies Everywhere
And Then There Was One
The Unkept Secret
The Feud over Feudalism
And Then There Was Less Than One
Chapter 2
Supply and Command
The Law of Variety
The Illusion of Choice
The Price of Control
A Market of One?
Chapter 3
The Crystal House
The Industrial Estates
Number One or Number Two
The Smashing
The Monopolist
The Hydra
The Industrial State?
Built to Break Chapter 4
The Market Masters
Markets and Freedom
The Harnessing of Power
Meet the New Boss
The "Progress " of Man
The Restoration of Republic
The Pit
Chapter 5
In the Cockpit
The New Sharecroppers
The Paradox of Efficiency
The Invisible Fist
The Two Roads to Serfdom
The Politics of Milking
Chapter 6
Lightning Escapes the Bottle
From Land to Man
The Power of Patents
Quieting the Mind
The Monopoly Innovation Myth
One Best Way?
The Wave of the Past
Chapter 7
The American Piece
Squeeze Play
Rule and Reason The U.S. World System
The Octopus and the Spider
Plantation Nation
Chapter 8
Wreckonomics 101
Merely Money
The Wall Street Commune
To Have and to Hold
Cerberus Unchained
Chapter 9
To Keep Our Republic
Manufacturing Destruction
The American Brain
To Get Regulation Right
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