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The probability map of the universe : essays on David Albert's Time and Chance

Barry Loewer (Editor), Brad Weslake (Editor), Eric B. Winsberg (Editor)
David Albert's 2000 book Time and Chance attempts to account for some of the most intractable problems in theoretical physics, in particular those arising from the direction of time. This collection assembles essays exploring and debating Albert's ideas, now recognized as among the most important recent contributions to the philosophy of science
eBook, English, 2023
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 2023
1 online resource (vi, 389 pages): illustrations
9780674287716, 0674287711
Introduction / Barry Loewer, Brad Weslake, and Eric Winsberg
I. Overview of Time and Chance
1. The Mentaculus: A Probability Map of the Universe / Barry Loewer
II. Philosophical Foundations
2. The Metaphysical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics: On the Status of PROB and PH / Eric Winsberg
3. The Logic of the Past Hypothesis / David Wallace
4. In What Sense Is the Early Universe Fine-Tuned? / Sean M. Carroll
5. The Meta-Reversibility Objection / Christopher J. G. Meacham
6. Typicality versus Humean Probabilities as the Foundation of Statistical Mechanics / Dustin Lazarovici
7. The Past Hypothesis and the Nature of Physical Laws / Eddy Keming Chen
8. On the Albertian Demon / Tim Maudlin
III. Underwriting the Asymmetries of Knowledge and Intervention
9. Reading the Past in the Present / Nick Huggett
10. Causes, Randomness, and the Past Hypothesis / Mathias Frisch
11. Time, Flies, and Why We Can't Control the Past / Alison Fernandes
12. The Concept of Intervention in Time and Chance / Sidney Felder
Conclusion / David Z Albert