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Issues in feminism : an introduction to women's studies

Offers 65 interdisciplinary readings drawn from work in the humanities and the social sciences. This title includes classic and contemporary selections that represent both feminist and anti-feminist viewpoints in an examination of women's lives, and the ways in which women can effect alternatives to traditional gender roles.
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Mayfield Pub. Co, Mountain View, Calif,
xii, 628 p. ; 24 cm.
9780767416443, 0767416449
Preface 1. Women’s Studies, Feminism, and the Women’s Movement Bette-Jane Raphael, The Myth of the Male Orgasm / Patricia Hill Collins, Womanism and Black Feminism / JeeYeun Lee, Beyond Bean Counting / Florence Howe, “Promises to Keep”: Trends in Women’s Studies Worldwide / Marcia Ann Gillespie, Get Out of the Kitchen PART I. THE GENDER SYSTEM: CONCEPTUAL AND THEORETICAL ISSUES 2. Patriarchy, Sexism, and Masculinity Michael Kimmel, What Are Little Boys Made Of? / Brian Easlea, Patriarchy, Scientists, and Nuclear Warriors / Karla Mantilla, Child Violence: It’s a Male Thing / Allan G. Johnson, The Gender Knot: What Drives Patriarchy? / Gary Lemons, A New Response to “Angry Black (Anti) Feminists”: Reclaiming Feminist Forefathers, Becoming Womanist Sons / R. W. Connell, Masculinities and Globalization 3. The Portrayal of Women in Patriarchy: Ideals, Stereotypes, and Roles Rita Freedman, Myth America Grows Up / St. Thomas Aquinas, Whether Woman Should Have Been Made in the First Production of Things / Mary Daly, The Church and the Second Sex / Sigmund Freud, Femininity / Anonymous, 27 Reasons Why a Beer Is Better Than a Woman! 4. Feminist Resistance to Sexist Ideology Theodora Wells, Woman—Which Includes Man, Of Course / Audre Lorde, The Transformation of Silence Into Language and Action / Barbara Smith, Myths to Divert Black Women From Freedom / Mahnaz Afkhami, Empathy Among Women on a Global Scale / Andrea Dworkin, Antifeminism 5. Patriarchy and Women’s Subordination: Explanations From Feminist Theory, Science, and MythGenesis Susan Brownmiller, Rape / Allan G. Johnson, The Mystery of How We Got Here / Paula Gunn Allen, The “Patriachalization” of Native American Tribes—When Women Throw Down Bundles: Strong Women Make Strong Nations / Gerda Lerner, A Working Hypothesis PART II. THE GENDER SYSTEM: ITS EFFECTS ON OUR PRIVATE LIVES AND PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS 6. The Effects of Sexism on Women’s Private Lives Mavis Hara, Carnival Queen / Abra Fortune Chernik, The Body Politic / Gloria Anzaldúa, The Strength of My Rebellion / Julia Penelope, The Lesbian Perspective / Shamita Das Dasgupta and Sayantani DasGupta, Bringing Up Baby: Raising a “Third World” Daughter in the “First World” / Marcia L. McNair, The Black Matriarchy: It Takes a Lioness to Raise Young Lions / Phyllis Chesler, Letters to a Young Feminist on Sex and Reproductive Choice / Merle Hoffman, 27 Years, But Who’s Counting: Thoughts On Yet Another Roe v. Wade / Susan Griffin, Rape: The Power of Consciousness / Unknown, “The Rape” of Mr. Smith / bell hooks, Witnessing the Death of Love: She Hears Him Tell the Woman That He Will Kill Her... 7. The Effects of Sexism on Public Institutions Hilary Salk, Wendy Sanford, Norma Swenson, and Judith Dickson Luce, The Politics of Women and Medical Care / Ruth Sidel, The Assault on the Female-Headed Family / Elyce J. Rotella, Women and the American Economy / National Council for Research on Women, Affirmative Action: Building a National Community That Works / Anita F. Hill, Sexual Harassment: The Nature of the Beast / Susan Gluck Mezey, Law and Equality: The Continuing Struggle for Women’s Rights / Riane Eisler and Allie C. Hixson, The Equal Rights Amendment: What Is It, Why Do We Need It, and Why Don’t We Have It Yet? / Marta Benavides, Women and Environmental Activism / Human Rights Watch, The Global Women’s Human Rights Movement 8. How Sexist Ideology Affects Our Understanding of the World And How Feminists Respond Catharine A. MacKinnon, Consciousness-Raising / Dale Spender, Disappearing Tricks / Emily Martin, The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles / bell hooks, Teaching Resistance: The Racial Politics of Mass Media / Shelia Ruth, Women’s Spirit and Men’s Religion / Olivia Castellano, Canto, Locura, y Poesia PART III. WOMEN ON THE MOVE 9. Our Feminist Foremothers: Events and Arguments National Commission on the Observance of International Women’s Year, Rediscovering American Women—A Chronology Highlighting Women’s History in the United States and Update: The Process Continues / Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman / Abigail and John Adams, The Adams Letters / Seneca Falls Convention of 1848, Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions / Sojourner Truth, Ain’t I a Woman? / Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Speech Before the Legislature, 1860 / Susan B. Anthony, Constitutional Argument / Margaret Sanger, Woman and the New Race / Simone De Beauvoir, Woman as “Other” / Betty Friedan, The Problem That Has No Name / National Organization for Women, NOW Bill of Rights / Kate Millett, Theory of Sexual Politics / The Beijing Declaration Bibliography Index
Includes bibliographical references (p. 590-612) and index