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Passionate Conviction: Contemporary Discourses on Christian Apologetics

Print Book, Undefined, Oct 01, 2007
Academic, B&H, Nashville, Tenn, Oct 01, 2007
viii, 280 p. ; 23 cm.
9780805445381, 0805445382
Pt. 1. Why apologetics? In intellectual neutral / William Lane Craig
Living smart / J.P. Moreland
pt. 2. God. Why doesn't God make his existence more obvious to us? / Michael J. Murray
Two versions of the cosmological argument / R. Douglas Geivett
The contemporary argument for design : an overview / Jay W. Richards
A moral argument / Paul Copan
pt. 3. Jesus. Revisionist views about Jesus / Charles L. Quarles
What do we know for sure about Jesus' death? / Craig A. Evans
Jesus' resurrection and Christian origins / N.T. Wright
pt. 4. Comparative religions. Christianity in a world of religions / Craig J. Hazen
The East comes West (or why Jesus instead of the Buddha?) / Harold Netland
Christ in the New Age / L. Russ Bush
Islam and Christianity / Emir Fethi Caner
pt. 5. Postmodernism and relativism. The challenges of postmodernism / J.P. Moreland
is morality relative? / Francis J. Beckwith
Reflections on McLaren and the emerging church / R. Scott Smith
pt. 6. Practical application. Dealing with emotional doubt / Gary R. Habermas
Apologetics for an emerging generation / Sean McDowell