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Home-based employment and family life

This book is about families who combine home life and income-producing work under the same roof. Based on 899 homeworking households in nine states, the analysis presents detailed information about individual worker and household characteristics; work characteristics for both business owners and wage workers; family functioning types; management behavior; and adjustment strategies used in family life, the community context, and the home-based employment experience over an extended period of time. This is the first publication of a serious longitudinal study of the phenomenon of working from ho
eBook, English, 1995
Auburn House, Westport, Conn., 1995
1 online resource (xviii, 277 pages) : illustrations
9780313037740, 0313037744
Foreword / Paul Edwards and Sarah Edwards
Ch. 1. Harmonizing Family and Work / Alma J. Owen, Ramona K.Z. Heck and Barbara R. Rowe
Ch. 2. The Changing Environment of Work / Alma J. Owen, Barbara R. Rowe, Nancy C. Saltford, Ramona K.Z. Heck and Diane M. Masuo
Ch. 3. The Workers at Work at Home / Ramona K.Z. Heck, Rosemary Walker, Marilyn M. Furry, Kathryn Stafford, Mary Winter, Diane M. Masuo, Joan E. Gritzmacher, Suzanne Loker and Elizabeth Scannell
Ch. 4. The Hidden Hum of the Home-Based Business / Rosemary Walker, Ramona K.Z. Heck, Marilyn M. Furry, Kathryn Stafford and George W. Haynes
Ch. 5. Homeworking Families and How They Make it Work / Barbara R. Rowe, Ramona K.Z. Heck, Alma J. Owen, Kathryn Stafford and Mary Winter
Ch. 6. The Community Connection / Suzanne Loker, Alma J. Owen, Kathryn Stafford, Ramona K.Z. Heck, Barbara R. Rowe and Elizabeth Scannell Click for information Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library