Front cover image for The transition to late antiquity : on the Danube and beyond

The transition to late antiquity : on the Danube and beyond

Print Book, English, 2007
Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2007
Kongress London 2003
xxx, 678 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 24 cm
9780197264027, 0197264026
The transition to late antiquity / A.G. Poulter
The transition to late antiquity on the Lower Danube: the city, a fort, and the countryside / A.G. Poulter
Part 1: Historical context
The lower Danube region under pressure: From Valens to Heraclius / J.H.W.G. Liebeschuetz
The late Roman army and the defence of the Balkans / M. Whitby
Goths in the Roman Balkans, c. 350-500 / P. Heather
Part 2: The city of Nicopolis
The two Anglo-Bulgarian research programmes and the results of the Bulgarian excavations / L. Slokoska
The late Roman agora and the state of civic organization / P. Vladkova
The environmental archaeology research programme at Nicopolis: Methodology and results / M. Beech
Part 3: Dichin (Bulgaria): Interpreting the ceramic evidence in its wider context / V.G. Swan
Seeds of destruction: Conflagration in the grain stores of Dichin / P. Grinter
A short report on the preliminary results from the study of the mammal and bird bone assemblages from Dichin / C. Johnstone
Colin circulation in the Balkans in late antiquity / P. Guest
Part 4: The city in context
The transformation of cities in late antiquity within the provinces of Macedonia and Epirus / J.-P. Sodini
Caricin grade and the changes in the nature of urbanism in the central Balkans in the sixth century / B. Bavant
Nicopolis ad Istrum: Backward and Balkan? / M. Whittow
Ephesus in the late Roman and early Byzantine period: Changes in its urban character from the third to seventh century AD / S. Ladstatter and A. Pulz
Amida and Tropaeum Traiani: A comparison of late antique fortress cities on the lower Danube and Mesopotamia / J. Crow
Part 5: The fort in context
The fort of Iatrus in Moesia Secunda: Observations on the late Roman defensive system on the lower Danube (fourth-sixth centuries AD) / G. von Bulow
The fortresses of Thrace and Dacia in the early Byzantine period / V. Dinchev
From the Danube to the Po: The defence of Pannonia and Italy in the fourth and fifth centuries AD / N. Christie
Part 6: The countryside in context
Extensive field survey in north central Bulgaria / I. Tsurov
Site-specific field survey: The methodology / A.G. Poulter
Geophysical survey and rural settlement architecture on the lower Danube at the transition to late antiquity / M.J. Boyd
Another view on late antiquity: sagalassos (SW Anatolia), its suburbium and its countryside in late antiquity / H. Vanhaverbeke, F. Martens, and M. Waelkens
The contribution of regional survey to the late antiquity debate: Greece in its Mediterranean context / J. Bintliff Klappentext