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The self as project : politics and the human sciences

Print Book, English, ©2007
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill., ©2007
Osiris (Bruges, Belgium), 2nd ser. v. 22, v. 22
iii, 259 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780226190877, 0226190870
GREG EGHIGIAN, ANDREAS KILLEN, CHRISTINE LEUENBERGER: Introduction: The Self as Project: Politics and the Human Sciences in the Twentieth Century1
DANIEL BEER: Blueprints for Change: The Human Sciences and the Coercive Transformation of Deviants in Russia, 1890-193026
ANDREAS KILLEN: Weimar Psychotechnics between Americanism and Fascism48
HANS POLS: War Neurosis, Adjustment Problems in Veterans, and an Ill Nation: The Disciplinary Project of American Psychiatry during and after World War II72
GEOFFREY COCKS: Sick Heil: Self and Illness in Nazi Germany93
VOLKER JANSSEN: From the Inside Out: Therapeutic Penology and Political Liberalism in Postwar California116
SLAVA GEROVITCH: "New Soviet Man" Inside Machine: Human Engineering, Spacecraft Design, and the Construction of Communism135
ELLEN HERMAN: Supervising Spoiled Selfhood: Inquiry and Interpretation in the History of Modern American Child Adoption158
CHRISTINE LEUENBERGER: Cultures of Categories: Psychological Diagnoses as Institutional and Political Projects before and after the Transition from State Socialism in 1989 in East Germany180
ARYN MARTIN: The Chimera of Liberal Individualism: How Cells Became Selves in Human Clinical Genetics205
HARRY OOSTERHUIS: Self-Development and Civic Virtue: Mental Health and Citizenship in the Netherlands, 1945-2005223