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Early English Text Society. Extra series

Journal, Magazine, English, 1867-1935
N. Trübner & Co., London, 1867-1935
126 volumes ; 22 cm
No. 5 Chaucer's translation of Boethius's "De Consolatione Philosophiae"
No. 3 Book of Curtesye
No. 11 The Bruce
No. A Supplicacyon for the Beggers
No. 15 Select Works of Robet Crowley
No. 21 The Bruce
No. 29 The Bruce
No. 31 Alexander and Dindimus
No. 41 Duke Huon of Burdeux
No. 42 Guy of Warwick
No. 43 Duke Huon of Burdeux
No. 49 Guy of Warwick
No. 55 The Bruce
No. 62 The Chester Plays
No. 64 Godeffroy of Boloyne
No. 71 The Towneley Plays
No. 74 Three Prose Versions of the Secreta Secretorum
No. 80 Lydgate's Minor Poems
No. 87 Two Coventry Corpus Christi plays
No. 88 Le Morte Arthur
No. 91 Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books
No. 97 Lydgate's Troy Book
No. 98 Magnyfycence
No. 106 Lydgate's Troy Book
No. 110 Caxton's Mirrour of the World
Each vol. has also a distinctive title