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The romantics reviewed

Print Book, English, 1972
Contemporary reviews of British romantic writers. Ed., with introd. P. A-C.<br>New York, London: Garland 1972. 4<br>Athologie.<br>P.A. The lake poets. <In 2 vol.><br>Vol. 1 Academic- Edinburgh observer. XXXII, 412 S.<br>Vol. 2. Edinburgh review-Variety. S. 413-892
P.B. Byron and regency society poets. <In 5 vol.><br>Vol. 1. Annual review -- British review. XVI, 510 S.<br>Vol. 2. Cabinet-Evangelical magazine. S. 511-1000.<br>Vol. 3. Examiner-Literary examiner. S. 1001-1390
Vol. 4. Literary gazette-Monthly review. S. 1391-1836.<br>Vol. 5. New annual register-Yellow dwarf. S. 1837-2338.<br>P. C. Shelley, Keats, and London radical writers. <In 2 vol.><br>Vol. 1. Analytical review-General weekly register
XII, 458 S.<br>Vol. 2. Gentleman's magazine-Theological inquirer. S. 459-869