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Spirituality old & new : recovering authentic spiritual life

Donald Bloesch surveys this history of Christian thinking on the nature of the spiritual life. In his own charitable, ecumenical yet evangelical way he provides incisive guidance toward a genuine Christian spirituality that is firmly rooted in biblical faith and fully aware of the positive contributions of various streams of Christian tradition, while critically engaging the current plethora of options being offered today. - Publisher
Print Book, English, ©2007
IVP Academic ; Apollos, Downers Grove, Ill., Nottingham, England, ©2007
191 pages : music ; 23 cm
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Perduring types
Mentors and teachers
The legacy of pietism
Continuing questions
In quest of spirituality
Faith and spirituality
True spirituality
The crisis in spirituality
Types of spirituality
Mystical religion
Biblical religion
A new spiritual vision
Ideal types
Classical mysticism
The mystical experience
The God above God
The eternal and the temporal
Ascent to divinity
Call to the desert
The church within
The biblical-classical synthesis
Appendix A : Christian mysticism and gnosticism
Hallmarks of gnosticism
Differences from Christian mysticism
Biblical personalism
The sovereign, creator God
The divine-human encounter
The scandal of particularity
Word and Spirit
Salvation by grace
The paradoxical love of the cross
Holy worldliness
The struggle of prayer
The great commission
The new spirituality
Historical roots
The new metaphysics
Key concepts
Secular mysticism
Rebirth of the gods
Appendix B : The New Age Movement
Trademarks of the New Age
Precursors and proponents
Salient symbols
A royal theology?
Worldviews in collision
Doctrine of God
Jesus Christ
Life and vocation
Faith, hope and love
Prayer and action
Ecclesiology and eschatology
Life and faith
Appendix C : An unresolved tension
For Christ and his kingdom
A churchly spirituality
The dialogue with mysticism
The dialogue with Pentecostalism
Freedom for obedience
Appendix D : Thérèse of Lisieux : an evangelical saint?
Appendix E
a hymn of pietism