Front cover image for The Spirituality of the later English Puritans : an anthology

The Spirituality of the later English Puritans : an anthology

Print Book, English, ©1987
Mercer University Press, Macon, Ga., ©1987
Early works
xxxii, 246 pages ; 26 cm
9780865542754, 0865542759
1. Holy lives and holy deaths
Thomas Merton, "To the reader"
Edmund Trench, "Some remarkable passages in the holy life and death of the late Reverend Mr. Edmund Trench"
Samuel Clarke, "To the life and death of Mrs. Katherine Clarke"
James Janeway, "A token for children and invisibles, realities"
Theodosia Alleine, "A full narrative of his life"
James Janeway and others, "A murderer punished and pardoned." 2. Holy meditations
William Bates, "A discourse of divine meditation"
Benjamin Keach, Poems from "The glorious lover" and from "War with the devil"
Ralph Venning, "A spiritual garden of sweet-smelling flowers"
John Flavel, "Husbandry spiritualized" and "Navigation spiritualized"
Thomas Vincent, "God's terrible voice in the city"
Thomas Doolittle, "A treatise concerning the Lord's Supper." 3. Holy comforts for the afflicted and uncertain
Edmund Calamy, "The Godly man's ark"
Benjamin Keach, "The travels of true Godliness"
Joseph Alleine, "Christian letters"
William Bates, "The danger of prosperity"
Thomas Brooks, "A cabinet of choice jewels"
Walter Marshall, "The gospel-mystery of sanctification. 4. Holy expectations
Edward Pearse, "The great concern"
Theophilus Gale, "A discourse of Christ's coming"
William Bates, "The four last things."