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Vertebrate palaeontology

Vertebrate Palaeontology is a complete, up-to-date history of the evolution of vertebrates. The third edition of this popular text has been extensively revised to incorporate the latest research, including new material from North and South America, Australia, Europe, China, Africa and Russia. The third edition: * highlights astonishing new discoveries including new dinosaurs and Mesozoic birds from China * features an expanded chapter on how to study fossil vertebrates * provides an increased emphasis on the cladistic framework, with cladograms set apart from the body of the text and full list
eBook, English, 2004
Blackwell Science, Oxford, 2004
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9780632056378, 9781405144490, 0632056371, 1405144491
Boxes; Preface; CHAPTER 1 Vertebrate Origin; Key questions; Introduction; 1.1 Sea squirts and the lancelet; 1.2 Phylum Hemichordata: pterobranchs and acorn worms; 1.3 Deuterostome relationships; 1.4 Chordate origins; 1.5 Vertebrates and the head; 1.6 Further reading; CHAPTER 2 How to Study Fossil Vertebrates; Key questions; Introduction; 2.1 Digging up bones; 2.2 Geology and fossil vertebrates; 2.3 Biology and fossil vertebrates; 2.4 Discovering phylogeny; 2.5 The quality of the fossil record; 2.6 Further reading; CHAPTER 3 Early Palaeozoic Fishes; Key questions; Introduction