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Violence in dating relationships : emerging social issues

." . . It comprehensively provides a solid informational source regarding a significant manifestation of interpersonal aggression. Those interested in further understanding such behavior, or dealing with its consequences, would do well to read it." American Journal of Psychotherapy
Print Book, English, 1989
Praeger, New York, 1989
x, 291 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780275930042, 9780275933531, 0275930041, 0275933539
Dating violence : prevalence, context, and risk markers / David B. Sugarman and Gerald T. Hotaling
The marriage license as a hitting license : a comparison of assaults in dating, cohabiting, and married couples / Jan E. Stets and Murray A. Straus
A theoretical model of courtship aggression / David S. Riggs and K. Daniel O'Leary
Gender identity, self-esteem, and physical and sexual abuse in dating relationships / Peter J. Burke, Jan E. Stets, and Maureen A. Pirog-Good
Dating, living together, and courtship violence / James Makepeace. (cont.) The help-seeking behavior of physically and sexually abused college students / Maureen A. Pirog-Good and Jan E. Stets
Conflict and violence in dating relationships / Sally A. Lloyd, James E. Koval, and Rodney M. Cate
Hidden rape : sexual aggression and victimization in a national sample of students in higher education / Mary P. Koss
Date rape : prevalence, risk factors, and a proposed model / Paula Lundberg-Love and Robert Geffner. (cont.) Courtship aggression and mixed-sex peer groups / Patricia Gwartney-Gibbs and Jean Stockard
The sexual victimization of unmarried women by nonrelative acquaintances / Joanne Belknap
Predictors of naturalistic sexual aggression / Neil M. Malamuth
Misinterpreted dating behaviors and the risk of date rape / Charlene L. Muehlenhard
Acquaintance rape on campus : responsibility and attributions of crime / Sarah Fenstermaker