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Great preaching on Christmas

Christmas lives on, it spirit having captured the hearts of both old and young. And the tender beauty of Christmas sentiment and Christmas singing and Christmas sermons affords an opportunity for the gospel to enter many a life that is closed to God throughout most of the year. Your heart will overflow with joy to read again of what happened in the little town of Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Only one other event in history can compare with Christ's birth into the world and that is his death upon Calvary's cross. The rapidly-expanding book publishing division of the sword of the Lord foundation is constantly adding new, refreshing volumes for the reading pleasure of God's people. These 19 sermons I 15 authors were chosen as the best on the subject of Christmas from the last 53 years writing in The Sword of the Lord. Some of these messages are addressed to the unsaved; others have a definite appeal to Christians to make first place in their hearts for Jesus. - Jacket flap
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