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In search of the common good

Print Book, English, ©2005
T & T Clark International, New York, ©2005
vii, 360 Seiten ; 24 cm.
9780567027702, 0567027708
Introduction / Jacqueline Lapsley
"That it may go well with you" : the commandments and the common good / Patrick D. Miller
When mercy seasons justice : Jonah and the common good / Jacqueline Lapsley
Uncommon love and the common good : Christians as citizens in the letters of Paul / Victor Paul Furnish
The common good in Thomas Aquinas / Jean Porter
The common good in Catholic social teaching / Dennis McCann
Public discourse and common good / Robin Lovin
Whose good, whose commons?
Introduction / Josiah Young
It takes a community or at least an association / C. Eric Mount, Jr
A rose by any other name? : deconstructing the essence of "common" / Cheryl Kirk-Duggan
Good is knowing when to stop : denucleation and the end of privilege / Josiah Young
Common good in performance / Milner Ball
Community, society, and politics
Introduction / James Skillen
"The common good" as political norm / James Skillen
The common good, our commons goods, and the uncommon good in a globalizing era / Max Stackhouse
Killing for the telephone company : why the nation-state is not the keeper of the common good / William Cavanaugh
The triunity of common good / Robert W. Jenson