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The European reformations sourcebook

"This collection of primary sources is specifically designed to accompany Carter Lindberg's European Reformations text, but can be used alongside any other text on the European Reformations."--BOOK JACKET. "The sources, selected from medieval and sixteenth-century texts, include not only the major institutional and theological writings of the time but also popular expressions of religious and political grievances (Flugschriften, poems, satires, sermons) and women's contributions. The collection is particularly notable for its comprehensive coverage and its inclusion of major portions of significant works."--BOOK JACKET. "This book will be useful for students, teachers and scholars, bringing together as it does documents that are not easily accessible elsewhere, as they are scattered through many collections of primary materials; also because it offers students their first direct engagement with the participants in the European Reformations."--BOOK JACKET
Print Book, English, 1999
Blackwell Publishers, Malden, Mass., 1999
xx, 306 pages
9780631213611, 9780631213628, 0631213619, 0631213627
1. Middle Ages
2. The dawn of a new era
3. Implementation of reform
4. Social welfare and education
5. The Reformation of the common man
6. The Swiss connection: Zwingli and the Reformation in Zurich
7. The radical Reformation
8. Augsburg 1530 to Augsburg 1555: reform and politics
9. The Genevan Reformation
10. The Reformation in France
11. The Reformation in the Netherlands
12. The Reformations in England and Scotland
13. Catholic renewal and counter reformation
14. Legacies of the Reformation