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Semiotext[e] SF

Print Book, English, 1989
Autonomedia, Brooklyn, 1989
Semiotexte, v. 5, issue 2
384 pages ; 23 cm
9780936756431, 0936756438
Metamorphosis no. 89 / Don Webb
We see things differently / Bruce Sterling
Portfolio / Freddie Baer
America comes / Bruce Boston
Frankenstein Penis / Ernest Hogan
Six kinds of darkness / John Shirley
More subatomic particles / Nick Herbert
Burning sky / Rachael Pollack
Day / Bob McGlynn
Rapture in space / Rudy Rucker
Quent Wimpel meets Bigfoot / Kerry Thornley
Hippie hat brain parasite / William Gibson
The great escape / Sol Yurick
Portfolio / James Koehnline
Jane Fonda's augmentation mammoplasty / J.G. Ballard
Report on an unidentified space station / J.G. Ballard
Solitons / Paul Di Filippo
Is this true? Well, yes and no / Sharon Gannon & David Life
Genocide / Richard Kadrey
The Antarctic autonomous zone / Hakim Bey
Vile dry claws of the toucan / Ian Watson
Shed his grace / Michael Blumlein. All right, everybody on the floor! / Thom Metzger
The gene drain / Lewis Shiner
The CIA reporter / William S. Burroughs
The new boy / William S. Burroughs
Another brush with the fuzz / Daniel Pearlman
You can't go home again / Ron Kolm
Georgie and the giant shit / Greg Gibson
Delphic (projection #5) / Lorraine Schein
The sex club / T.L. Parkinson
Your style guide / Marc Laidlaw
Maslow, Sheldrake, and the peak experience / Colin Wilson
Amsterdam diary / Robert Sheckley
I was a teenage genetic engineer / Denise Angela Shawl
Chapter one, the novel / Luke McGuff
Portfolio / Richard Kadrey
Saint Francis kisses his ass goodbye / Philip José Farmer
Gnosis knows best / Hugh Fox
The beer mystic's last day on the planet / Bart Plantenga
Visit Port Watson! / Anon
Lord of infinite diversions / t. winter-damon
Project parameters in Cherry Valley by the testicles / Robert Anton Wilson
The scepter of Prætorious / Ivan Stang
Louie, Louie / Jacob Rabinowitz
Cling to the curvature! / Barrington J. Bayley