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When the bells tolled for Lincoln : Southern reaction to the assassination

In the morning hours of 15 April 1865, tolling bells in Washington declared the devastating news of Lincoln's death. For the first time in the nation's history a president had been assassinated. As news of the assassination reached the conquered South, church bells in the former Confederacy joined in the pealing. From the President's election through the end of the Civil War, Southerners had blamed Lincoln for their misfortune and ultimate downfall. Yet in the days after the assassination, Confederates gladdened by Lincoln's death feared Northern reprisals and dared not express their feelings openly. As word spread across the South, however, many ex-Confederates turned to their diaries and journals, where they poured out their fears and wrath with impunity and without restraint. After more than four years researching and writing, Carolyn L. Harrell has produced a unique and fascinating analysis of Southerners' reactions to the death of Abraham Lincoln.
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Introduction: The Vanquished South1(8)
1. The South's Lincoln
2. Reaction in the Upper South
3. Reaction in the Deep South
4. Reaction in the Border States
A Note on Sources109(4)