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A contrast between Calvinism and Hopkinsianism

Print Book, English, 1811
Published by S. Whiting. Paul & Thomas, printers, New York, 1811
Blind tooled leather (Binding)
viii, 280 pages 23 cm
Of divine revelation
Of God
Of the divine decrees
Of creation
Of providence
Of moral law, obligation, action and character
Note A: Of the origin of law
Note B: Of natural and moral ability
Of divine providence, in relation to the origin of evil, and reprobation
Of the apostasy and its consequences
Of atonement and justification
Note A: A general view of the controversy about the atonement
Note B: A discourse in favour of an indefinite atonement
Note C: A critique on the foregoing sermon
Of effectual calling
Note A: On the application of redemption
Note B: On the means of grace according to the Calvinistic system
Note C: On the Arminian tendency of Hopkinsianism
Of the Christian graces
Note A: On the love of being in general
Note B: All the Christian graces reduced to love, according to the Hopkinsian principles
Note C: The Christian graces distinguished: by a Calvinist
Note D: A Calvinistic disquisition on disinterested benevolence
Of sanctification
Note A: On the imperfection of good men
Calvinism and Hopkinsianism contrasted by comparing each with several heresies
The conclusion