Front cover image for Yeats : an annual of critical and textual studies, volume VI, 1988

Yeats : an annual of critical and textual studies, volume VI, 1988

Contains the best of recent Yeats criticism
Print Book, English, ©1989
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., ©1989
xvi, 330 pages : portrait ; 24 cm
9780472101078, 0472101072
The modernist under siege / R. Bush
Into the tradition: W.B. Yeats and Michael J. Murphy / K. Cunningham
Questions of syntax, syntax of questions: Yeats and the topology of passion / R.H. Earle
The medium as creator: George Yeats's role in the automatic script / M.M. Harper
Lampedusaon Yeats: a newly discovered essay / J. Meyers
Yeats's sources for the matter of Ireland: I. Edain and Aengus / B.O. Hehir
Yeats and Von Hügel: a study of "vacillation" / D. Rogers
The dialogical combat in The wanderings of Oisin: the shape of things to come / A. Vlasopolos
A Yeats bibliography for 1986-87 / K.P.S. Jochum
Dissertation abstracts, 1987 / G. de Mauriac
The authors were in eternity
or Oxford: George Yeats, George Harper, and the making of A vision, review of George Mills Harper, The making of Yeats's A vision: a study of the automatic script / P.L. Marcus. "The passing of the Shee": after reading a book about Yeats and the tribes of Danu, review of Peter Alderson Smith: W.B. Yeats and the tribes of Danu: three views of Ireland's fairies / B.O. Hehir
On the Cornell Yeats, review of the The early poetry, Volume I: Mosada and The island of statues: manuscript materials by W.B. Yeats, ed. George Bornstein; and Purgatory: manuscript materials including the author's final text by W.B. Yeats, ed. S.F. Siegel, D.H. Reiman
Harold Bloom, ed., William Butler Yeats. Richard J. Fenneran, ed., Critical essays on W.B. Yeats, reviewed by T. Diggory
Larry Brunner, Tragic victory: the doctrine of subjective salvation in the poetry of W.B. Yeats, reviewed by C.K. Hood
Barbara L. Croft, "Stylistic arrangements": a study of William Butler Yeats's A vision, reviewed by G.M. Harper. Linda Dowling, Language and decadence in the victorian Fin de Siècle, reviewed by K.P.S. Jochum
Richard Ellmann, Four Dubliners, reviewed by J. Olney
Maeve Good, W.B. Yeats and the creation of a tragic universe. Heather C. Martin, W.B. Yeats: metaphysician as dramatist, reviewed by E. Engelberg
William H. O'Donnell, The poetry of William Butler Yeats: an introduction, reviewed by I. Fletcher
Frances Nesbitt Oppel, Mask and tragedy: Yeats and Nietzsche, 1902-10, reviewed by D.S. Thatcher
Marie Roberts, British poets and secret societies, reviewed by G.M. Harper
M.L. Rosenthal, The poet's art. Thomas Parkinson, Poets, poems, movements, reviewed by R. Miller
Passim: brief notices / M. FitzGerald